History of Shree Birendra Hospital

The medical services in Nepali Army started in BS 1982 (1925 AD) with the establishment of Tri-Chandra Military Hospital (TCMH) at Mahankal, Kathmandu. With the intent to honor the brave soldiers of Nepali Army who fell in the great World War I (1914-1918), TCMH was established with 64 beds to provide medical services to the military personnel and their families.

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assets/img/pageImg/sbh-history-pioneer-1.jpgThe influx of outdoor and indoor patients, the inability to expand the facilities and the crowded city center were the main causes for the TCMH to relocate to Chhauni, Kathmandu.

The foundation stone was laid in Chhauni with the area of 144 ropanis on Poush 15, 2045 BS and the new hospital was named Shree Birendra Hospital (SBH) three years later on 2046 BS.

The first commandant of the SBH was Brigadier General Dr. Madanlal Malla (2046/09/14 to 2049/11/20). Brigadier General Dr. Radha Shah (2062/11/20 to 2062/12/31) was the first female Commandant of the SBH.

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On Poush 13,2052 BS, the then COAS General Dharmapal Barsingh Thapa inaugurated the hospital. The hospital provided the Surgical, Medical, Orthopedics, Eye, ENT, Dental, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Chest, Psychiatry, Neuro, Cancer, lithotripsy, Hemodialysis, X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Pathology, etc.

On 2064/10/01, the new Accident and Emergency service was started in the hospital.