About Us

The medical services in Nepalese Army started in 1982 BS (1925 AD) with the establishment of Tri Chandra Military Hospital (TCMH) at Mahankal. Later in 2045 BS, the establishment of Shree Birendra Hospital (S.B.H.) in Chhauni, Kathmandu heralded the expansion of medical services in accordance to the need of Nepal Army.

S.B.H. is a tertiary level, central hospital of the Nepalese Army which has come a long way from just catering to health needs of a target population to the establishment of the medical college, thus endeavoring to be a center of excellence in the fields of patient care, education and research.

At present, S.B.H. is a 490 bedded hospital with multi specialty services catering for the health care needs of the army personnel, ex army personnel and their dependents. The hospital is soon going to be upgraded to 900 beds with the addition of separated wing which will cater for civilian population also.

The hospital has been involved in the post graduation teaching program of National Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS) and with the recent establishment of Nepal Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS), it is dedicated to produce finest MBBS doctors in the country. 

Today, S.B.H. stands proud as a national asset not only providing equality care to its personnel and dependents but also serving the nation as best as it can in times of need such as national disasters.

The hospital aspires to march ahead in the future with the establishment of new infrastructures and modern hi-tech health facilities.