Shree Birendra Hospital

Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Head Of Department Lt Col Dr Ratna Adhikari Khatri
Faculty members
  1. Prof. Dr. Divya Shree Malla
  2. Brig Gen Dr Arya Pande
  3. Lt Col Dr Ratna Adhikari Khatri
  4. Lt Col Dr Sadikchya Singh Rana
  5. Maj Dr Rosy Malla
  6. Maj Dr Sumana Thapa
  7. Maj Dr Arju Chand
  8. Maj Dr Indira Acharya
Services Provided
  1. Gynae: OPD/ inpatient/OT major+minor
  2. Obs: OPD/ANC/PNC/delivery facilities
  3. Infertility management
  4. Urogynae opd/surgery oncogynae surgeries
Capabilities Gynae: general opd + OT minor
Oncology OPD
Subfertility OPD
Contraception counseling
Norplant /Cu-Tremoval+insertion/Inj Depo
Hysterosalphingography and hydrosalphingography procedures (for subfertility)
Units One Unit
OPD Schedule Sun + Thurs: Gynae OPD
Wed + Fri: ANC + PNC OPD
Mon: Oncology + infertility + Pre OP
Tues: OT
Future Plan Laparoscopic/ hysteroscopic surgeries
Urogynae surgeries
IUI procedures for infertility management