Shree Birendra Hospital

Department: Pharmacy

Head Of Department Lt.Col. Surya Raj Sharma
Faculty members
  1. Lt. Col. Banira Thapa
  2. Lt. Col. Sahen Pradhan
  3. Capt. Dr. Sitaram Khadka
  4. Capt. Dr. Suresh Bastakoti
  5. Lt. Dr. Mahesh Khatri
  6. Lt. Dr. Anuj Bhandari
  7. T.Lt. Shyam Kumar Karki
Services Provided
  1. 24/7 Dispensing to: In-patients, Out-patients.
  2. Dispensing to Valley-In Units.
  3. Answering to medication queries.
  4. Effective storage of critical medicines.
  5. Maintenance of controlled and narcotic substances.
  6. Procurement of drugs and related items.
  7. Vaccination plan for personnel selected for UN missions.
  8. Preparation and supply of emergency drug kit for outdoor exercises.
  9. Preparation and supply of First aid kit for personnel selected for UN missions.
  10. Conduction of internship program for B. Pharmacy and Diploma of Pharmacy students.
  1. Individualized Patient counseling.
  2. Medication consultation services.
  1. Dispensing Unit
  2. Inventory Unit
Future Plan
  1. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacokinetic Services.
  2. Research and academic involvement
  3. Extemporaneous preparations.
  4. Sterile Manufacturing.
  5. Pharmacovigilance Center.
  6. Poison Control Center.
  7. Drug Information Center.
  8. Centralized procurement and Inventory unit.
  9. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM).