Shree Birendra Hospital

Department: Physiotherapy

Head Of Department Tech. Lt. Col Shiva Raj Ghimire
Faculty members
  1. Tech. Capt. Manoj Yadav
  2. Tech. Lt. Madan Gautam
  3. Tech. Lt. Raj Kumar Adhikari
Services Provided Physiotherapy Services for outpatient every day except Saturday & NAIHS holidays
Physiotherapy Services for inpatient everyday
  1. Heat therapy
  2. Cryotherapy
  3. Wave therapy
  4. Ultrasound therapy
  5. Photo therapy
  6. Wax therapy
  7. Traction therapy
  8. Massage therapy
  9. Exercise therapy etc.
Units Single
OPD Schedule Every day except Saturday & NAIHS holidays
Future Plan
  1. Rename the department to Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation- under which Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Orthotic & Prosthetic, Osteopath, Podiatric, acupuncture, acupressure etc.
  2. Develop Special therapy services such as Pediatric Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Cardiac Physiotherapy, Neuro-Physiotherapy etc.
  3. Conduct CME & continue the Internal Advanced Physiotherapy Trainings
  4. Facility of Higher Degree courses for academically qualified staffs
  5. To start Certificate & Bachelor level Physiotherapy course under NAIHS
  6. Short term advanced physiotherapy courses in Developed & Neighboring countries.
  7. Shift the Department to OPD complex