Shree Birendra Hospital

Department: Orthopedic

Head Of Department Col. Dr. Pankaj Chand
Faculty members
  1. Brig Gen Dr Bachhu Ram KC
  2. Brig Gen Dr Bhanu Chandra Shah
  3. Col. Dr. Bharat Prasad Singh
  4. Col. Dr. Pankaj Chand
  5. Lt. Col. Dr. Amit Joshi
  6. Maj. Dr. Bishnu Babu Thapa
  7. Maj. Dr. Sushil Ranamagar
  8. Maj. Dr. Nirab Kayastha
Services Provided OPD/IPD service for all kind of orthopedic ailments. Rehabilitation facilities.
Capabilities Comprehensive Trauma Care
Deformity corrections
Spinal injury service
Sports injury service
Arthroscopic surgery
Joint replacement service
Musculoskeletal oncology
Advanced Physiotherapy
Units Unit I: General orthopedics/ Sprts injuries and arthroscopy/ musculoskeletal oncology.
Unit II: General orthopedics/ joint replacement/Spine surgery
OPD Schedule Unit I: Sunday/Wednesday/odd Tuesdays/even Fridays.
Unit II: Monday/Thursday/even Tuesdays /even Fridays
Future Plan Subspecialities in:
  1. Hand surgery
  2. Ankle and foot surgery
  3. Pediatric orthopedics
  4. Plastic surgery
  5. Osteoporosis clinic
Post graduation course
Fellowship program
Attachment in different subspecialities