Department of Paediatrics


Since the establishment of department of Paediatrics as a sub-specialty of Shree Birendra Hospital, it has been providing different sorts of health services to children of serving as well as retired soldiers of Nepalese Army. OPDs are run at Chhauni and Mahankal simultaneously.

Head of the Department (HOD): Lt. Col. Dr. Moon Thapa


Department of Paediatrics provides following services:

SN Name of Services provided Remarks
1. Outpatient services  
2. Inpatient services  
3. NICU services  
4. Attending high risk deliveries  

Sub Specialities

  1. Neurology
  2. High Risk Neonatal Follow up & Immunization
  3. Gastroenterology
  4. Respiratory
  5. Nutrition


  Name of Specialist Speciality Remarks
1. Brig Gen Dr Arun Neopane Consultant Pediatrician Deputy DGMS
2. Lt Col Dr Moon Thapa Consultant Pediatrician HOD
3. Lt Col Dr Umesh Singh Consultant Pediatrician  
4. Lt Col Nirjala Aryal Consultant pediatrician & pediatric Gastroenterologist  
5. Lt Col Dr Keshav Agrawal Consultant Pediatrician  
6. Maj Dr Bikash Shrestha Jr. Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist  
7. Maj Dr Saroj Kumar Yadav Registrar  
8. Dr Nikhil Agrawal Registrar  

Working Schedule

  Day SBH, Chhauni Mahankal
1. Sunday General OPD General OPD
2. Monday Nutrition OPD/General OPD General OPD
3. Tuesday Neurology OPD/General OPD General OPD
4. Wednesday High Risk Neonatal OPDs/Immunization General OPD
5. Thursday Respiratory/General OPD General OPD
6. Friday Gastroenterology/General OPD General OPD

Faculty Members

  Name of Faculty Designation Remarks
1. Dr Shiva Shrestha Professor
2. Brig Gen Dr Arun Neopane Associate Professor
3. Lt Col Dr Moon Thapa Associate Professor
4. Lt Col Dr Umesh Singh Assistant Professor  
5. Lt Col Nirjala Aryal Associate Professor  
6. Lt Col Dr Keshav Agrawal Associate Professor  
7. Maj Dr Bikash Shrestha Associate Professor  
8. Maj Dr Saroj Kumar Yadav Assistant Professor  
9. Dr Nikhil Agrawal Assistant Professor  

Head of Department

Lt. Col. Dr. Moon Thapa