Department of General Nursing Services


Nursing services are the very important parts of hospital. Nurses are directly involved with the patient's care, as well as, deals with Patients' curative, preventative, promotive and rehabilitative nursing care. In addition, nurses are working as an administrator, researcher, counselor, co­ordinator etc.


Head of the Department (HOD): Brig Gen Manjari Bajracharya


Main Duties/ Services

Provide Clinical Guidance, Supervision, Monitoring, Evaluation, Solving Minor Problem, Reporting to authority, Staffing, Counseling, Co-ordination, Controlling, Change process, recording, reporting, Preparation Of Duties, Perform Meeting and Conference

SN Name of Services provided Remarks
1. OPD service/ In patient service/ Emergency services  
2. Goldman Visual Field  
3. Fundus Fluorescein Angiography  
4. Major and minor operations along with various Oculoplasty surgery  

Sub Dept

SN Department Areas of Responsibility Incharge

Surgical Department

  1. Male Surgical Ward
  2. Female Surgical Ward
  3. Operation Theatre
  4. Ortho Ward
  5. Neuro ICU Ward
  6. Post-Operative Ward
  7. Maternity Ward
  8. Gynae Ward
  9. Postnatal Ward
  10. Dental
  11. Eye
  12. ENT
  13. Physiotherapy
T/Col Susila Bhandari
2. Medical Department
  1. VIP
  2. Step Down Ward
  3. ICU Ward
  4. Officer Cabin/ Isolation
  5. Male Medical Ward
  6. Female Medical Ward
  7. Neuro-Psychiatric Ward
  8. Onco Ward
  9. Pediatric Ward
  10. Chest Ward
  11. Emergency
  12. Skin Ward
  13. Hemodialysis
  14. NICU
  15. Pathology
T/ Maj Soniya Kayastha

Working Schedule

SN Shift Timing
1. Morning 8.30 to 4 PM
2. Day 1.30 to 8 PM
3. Night 7 PM to 8, 30 PM

Faculty Members

  Name of Faculty Member Remarks
1. T/ Brig Gen Manjari Bajracharya Matron
2. T/Brig Gen Aruna Rai
3. T/Col Susila Bhandari
Asst. Matron
4. T/Col Sharaswoti Sharma
5. T/Lt Col Suman K. Shrestha
6. T/ Lt Col kalpana Karki
7. T/ Maj Dil Kumari Karki  
8. T/Maj Subhadra Shrestha  
9. T/Maj Geeta Shrestha  
10. T/ Maj Laxmi Gurung  
11. T/Maj Anju Rayamaghi  
12. T/ Maj Bimala Muktan  
13. T/ Maj Pushpa Gautam  
14. T/Maj Laxima Devi Ghimire  
15. T/ Maj Gunu Mahat  
16. T/ Maj Madhuri Thapaa  
17. T/Maj Ajeeta Koirala  
18. T/Maj Narbada Khanal  

Head of Department

Brig. General Manjari Bajracharya (Matron)