Department of Dentistry


Dental Department deals with all Dental services of army personnels,ex-army personnels and their dependents. This Dental aims to provide various services like Dental Consultations, Dental x-ray, Scaling, Flap Surgery, Root Canal Treatment, Fillings, Extraction Teeth,Orthodontics Treatment,Dental Prosthesis,Maxillofacial Prosthesis, Maxillofacial Surgery.


Head of the Department (HOD): Brig Gen Dr Gopal Maharjan


Department of Dental Provides following services:

  1. Dental Consultations
  2. Dental X-ray
  3. Scaling
  4. Root Canal Treatment
  5. Fillings
  6. Extraction Teeth
  7. Orthodontics Treatment
  8. Maxillofacial Surgery
  9. Dental & Maxillofical  Prosthetic Replacement

Sub Departments

  1. Oral Medicine & Radiology
  2. Periodontics & Oral Implantology
  3. Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
  4. Prosthodontics & Maxillofacial Prosthetics
  5. Oral  & Maxillofacial Surgery
  6. Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics
  7. Oral Pathology
  8. Community Dentistry
  9. Paedodontics


  Dental Surgeons Remarks
1. Brig Gen Dr Gopal Maharjan HOD
2. Lt Col Dr Heleena Rayamajhi  
3. Maj Dr Shovana Gyawali  
4. Maj Dr Prachi Rayamajhi  
5. Capt Dr Padam Raj Neupane  
6. Capt Dr Ashna Rajya  Laxmi Rana  
7. Capt Dr Sumita Manandhar  

Working Schedule

Working Days: 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs

Faculty Members

  Name of Faculty Member Remarks
1 Brig Gen Dr Gopal Maharjan  
2 Col Dr Sudha Sen Malla  
3 Col Dr Samir Aryal   
4 Lt Col Dr Meenakshi Gurung  
5 LtCol Dr Krishna Gopal Bhuju  
6 Lt Col Dr Heelana Rayamajhi  
7 Maj Dr Shovana Gyawali  
8 Maj Dr Riwaj Karki  
9 Maj Dr Sweta Rajya Laxmi Rana  
10 Maj Dr Bipul Rajbhandari  
11 Maj Dr Prachi Rayamajhi  
12 Maj Dr Sushil kc  
13 Capt Dr Anita Dahal  
14 Capt Dr Galav Adhikari  
15 Capt Dr Barsha Bajracharya  
16 Capt Dr Binod Adhikari  
17 Capt Dr Munna Alam  
18 Capt Dr Bismita Pradhan  
19 Capt Dr Alina Rai  
20 Capt Dr Manoj Adhikari  
21 Capt Dr Samrita Shrestha  
22 Capt Dr Resham Koirala  
23 Capt Dr Niraj Regmi  
24 Capt Dr Padam Raj Neupane  
25 Capt Dr Ashna Rana  
26 Capt Dr Sumita Manandhar  


Head of Department

Brig Gen Dr Gopal Maharjan